Featured Performers

Event concept: The Lost Estate
Music: The Arensky Chamber Orchestra
Principal Conductor: William Kunhardt
Composer: Steffan Rees
Sound Designer: Fraya Thomsen
Director: James Hurley
Choreographer: Eleesha Drennan
Prince Siegfried: Liam Riddick & Kenny Wing Tao Ho
White Swan: Zoe Arshamian
Black Swan: Chihiro Kawasaki
Queen of the Eastern Lakes: Chloe Doherty
Maximilian: Fernando Mariano
Set Design: Darling and Edge
Lighting: Bailes and Light
Costumes: Philly Noone

The Lost Estate are the inventors of the Immersive Music Experience – a fusion of extraordinary music, bewitching storytelling, enthralling environments and exquisite food, creating adventures that open the mind and set the heart on fire.

Their most recent offering, In Nights Darkling Glory, brought together a collection of master immersive makers – musicians, set designers, lighting experts, actors, storytellers and more. It sold out in just over four weeks, garnering praise from every quarter.