London’s Immersive Swan Lake | July 2018

The Great Masked Ball

London’s Immersive Swan Lake | July 2018

An enchanted world of dancing and music.

From the Lost Estate, Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson, choreographer Eleesha Drennan, Director James Hurley and Darling and Edge (set designers for Planet Gingerline and Beauty and the Feast)

(Free champagne on groups of 6, while stocks last)

Reviews from DesignMyNight

Romantic and gripping. Stunning sets and powerfully emotional music. So atmospheric.
– Lucy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brilliant event. Most wonderful music. Thank you so much.
– Ute ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My first immersive experience…it blew me away. Out of this world…Can’t wait for next one!!
– Marius ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Magical experience, I was enchanted the entire time…
– Sarita ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Incredible. 5 stars and more. Would do it again in a second…
– Lulli ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wonderful, made me cry! I’m lucky to have been part of it.
– Danielle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was an incredible experience. Having been to many immersive events (Secret Theatre, Alice Underground, Gingerline…), this is definitely an entirely new concept
– Becca ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Unforgettable – hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next one!”
– Helen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brilliant…This company will become the new Secret Cinema.
– Gemma ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One of the best evenings out I think we’ve ever had…totally blown away by the music and performance! We will be waiting with baited breath for the next instalment
– Tracy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We go to lots of immersive theatre but this was unique.
– Mike ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

An incredible event…truly amazing
– David ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Completely extraordinary. We loved every minute of it!
– Loretta ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amazing…Sadly, I do not have the words to do it justice…out of this world, amazing – just wow.
– Sandra ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amazing show from start to finish. Flawless, worth every penny.
– Adam ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

An immersive experience spilling over with talent. From the moment I entered the banquet hall I was bewitched and transported to your world
– Christina ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What you need to know…

Step into our bewitching world.
Feast with Queens, dance with Princes.
Then, choose your side.

The Great Masked Ball is London’s immersive Swan Lake experience. It fuses dance, theatre, feasting, fantasy and a live orchestra into one enthralling whole. Its gates open at 7pm each night from July 12th, 2018 at a secret London location.

Don your mask and enter Prince Siegfried’s Palace. Waltz through its glittering halls,  built by the designers from events like Planet GingerlineBeauty and the Feast, and the Alice’s Adventures Underground bar.

Then, dance with the Prince and his debauched courtiers, help the Queen find his new bride or fall upon on a mouthwatering banquet, conjured by Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson.

Indulge. But be warned…

Outside the Palace walls, the legend of the Black Swan and the White lies waiting to shatter this world of hedonism and excess.

Be vigilant. You may find yourself carried into this fairytale at any moment, whisked away to the enchanted forest beyond the Palace, where figures dance between the trees and strange music hangs in the air.

Every ten centuries, a few travellers tumble into the pages of this fantasy realm. They fly with the Swan Queen through a land of theatre, ballet and music and return with souls ablaze.

Now, the covers are opening again. 4500 people have already booked their place.
Just 250 more can join them…

Will you be one of them?

How booking works

Stage 1. Book online. Discover our Palace’s secrets.

Our hidden location (20 mins from London Bridge) will be revealed when you book. Make careful note of the timings on your ticket and remember to tell us your dietary requirements (including vegetarian meals). If you’re unsure about anything, contact us.

Stage 2. You discover. You Feast. You dance.

The night arrives. Don your mask, hunt out our hidden domaine and enter (the Palace Gates open at 7pm).

Slake your thirst with fantastical concoctions brewed at the stroke of midnight in the Palace’s tallest tower.

Feast on steaming platters of smoked beef stroganoff and nutty buckwheat pilaf, created by Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson (delicious vegetarian alternatives are available; your table time is on your ticket).

Then step, twist and turn through a glittering masked ball in a fairytale come to life.

Stage 3. You begin your Swan Lake adventure

Suddenly everything changes. But who has joined your masquerade of excess and why? Be vigilant, for you must follow them wherever they go, and cannot get lost. Their love, your love, depends upon it.

So enter the trees and live out the legend of Swan Lake. Witness the power of love over lust, return with mind open and heart soaring, and vow never to tell of the secret mysteries you have found.

Be warned – your adventure waits for neither man, Prince nor Swan. If you are late, you will miss the experience as latecomers cannot be admitted.

Any other questions? Click here to email us, or call us on 02071297365.

PLEASE NOTE: The Great Masked Ball involves dark spaces and uneven ground. Please contact us before booking if you suffer from claustrophobia or have mobility issues.

Frequently asked questions

What are immersive music experiences?

Immersive music experiences are created by The Lost Estate. The Estate are a collective of immersive specialists. Between us, we have helped create many of London’s premier interactive events.

Each of our experiences tells an enthralling immersive story, fusing music, storytelling, food and theatre into an extraordinary whole.

Join us and you will find yourself in a hidden realm of interactive sets, filled with strange figures and even stranger adventures. You will taste sumptuous food and mysterious drink.

Entwined about all of it will be the greatest music ever written. Music that you can touch, talk to and taste.

Music that, at last, you will hear.

With your imagination on fire, you’ll live every melody.

Sat so close, you won’t see humming strings or dancing fingers, you’ll feel them.

And, in the end, you’ll stop listening to the performance, and become part of it.

That, my friend, is an immersive music experience. Book your first now.

The music you will hear is delivered by the Arensky Chamber Orchestraan ensemble of the UK’s finest musicians. The Independent has called their performances ‘moving in the extreme’, whilst the Guardian says they ‘make you feel like you are at the centre of an arctic gale with frost on your chin.’

What is The Great Masked Ball?

In a land far away, a Prince has come of age. Now, he must choose his bride, the future Queen of the Realm, from amongst the nation’s fairest maidens.

The Prince’s name is Siegfried. And at The Great Masked Ball, to which you are invited, he will make his choice.

It appears simple enough. A night of feasting and dance, a kingly match to a bewitching bride. Yet, all is not as it seems.

First, our Siegfried is a man apart from his courtiers. They are animals of vice, hell-bent on a hedonistic quest for earthly pleasure.  He is a believer in true love, in a life of faithfulness and honesty.

Second, and far more important, just last night he met a woman who stole his heart.

Once upon a time, she had been a princess. But then, a foul curse was laid upon her by a man whose love she denied. Now, she roams the forest by day, transfigured into a White Swan. And though her body returns as darkness descends, she is forced to spend her nights imprisoned by the shores of an enchanted lake.

Siegfried is duty bound to make his match this evening and no later. He must bring honour to his house and continue the line of his Royal forefathers.

His debauched countrymen and women, their hearts drowned in excess, do not care if he has found love instead. He must choose a woman, not some Swan, and choose her quickly too!

So what will he do?

Conform to his family’s desires and forget the Queen who rules his heart? Or defy a kingdom, resist where others have succumbed and live for undying love?

You will only know if you step inside these Palace walls and find out…

Do I need a mask?

Fear not, nothing is compulsory!

But please remember, this is a Masked Ball in a debauched and decadent fairytale land. It can only be as excessive, as wantonly fantastical as its guests (that’s you!) allow.

So dig out your finest fantasy attire. Put on your ballroom best. And above all, seek out the most magical of mask you can find.

If that seems like a daunting task, fear not.

Our master costumier has made her own spectacular masks for you to purchase. They will be made available to you as you book.


What is included in a full ticket?

First, you must find the Palace of Prince Siegfried. Clear directions will be given to you when you book. But for now the location is 20 minutes, door to door, from London Bridge. The Palace Gates open at 7pm and the action begins at 7.30, so make sure you have arrived by then.

Once you and your fellow guests are here, we will serve our Russian masterpiece: rich smoked beef stroganoff from the South, baskets of hot, fresh black bread from the North, piles of tangy pickled roots and platters of steaming buckwheat pilaf, in a banquet curated by Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson.

For those expecting traditional peasant fare, we must disappoint. This is a fusion of our world and yours. Our menu is steeped in the traditions of Mother Russia but with a fantastical 21st Century gastronomic twist. However, like all great feasts, you will have a complimentary aperitif to wash it down with, complete with a little kick’ from our friends at Vestel Vodka.

At last, with your belly full but your heart still hungry, the band will strike up and the Masked Ball will begin. If you have misplaced your mask, fear not, our Royal Costumier’s finest masks can be purchased in advance or on the night.

Waltz with the Prince, make merry while you can. For soon the Ball must come crashing down and our immersive Swan Lake adventure begin. You will be rushed off on a journey through magical interactive sets, ravishing dance scenes, beguiling storytelling and bewitching orchestral performance. Watch the legend of the White Swan brought to life. Be seduced by the Black Swan with all her guile. And see love and lust, trust and betrayal, tragedy and, perhaps, triumph, play out before your eyes.

Who knows how it will end. Or what sights this magical realm has in store for you. All you can be sure of is that you will return from your adventure with body and soul ablaze, to drink the night away in our secret forest bar, tell tales of your adventures to your fellow travellers and promise each other to keep the secrets you have found forever.

This ancient story can hold its pages open for three weeks only. Then they must shut for another thousand years. So book your seat at our Ball, before it is too late.

What is included in a VIP ticket?

As well as the full ticket experience you will enjoy royal seating at the Queens Table, characters dedicated exclusively to your entertainment, and your own servers throughout your banquet.

Your aperetif will also be followed by a special cocktail from the Queen’s private collection – our Witching Hour elixir.

At your journey’s destination, our gripping final performance, yours will be the best seats in the house.

Finally, to remind you of the decadence, depravity and feasting frenzy you indulged in, you will receive a small goody bag from our sponsors Corney and Barrow, to remind you of the wondrous adventures you have been on…

Just 20 VIP invitations exist per night for this most Royal of options. So to claim your place amongst the elite, make sure you book now.


What is included in the Chef's Table ticket?

The Chef’s Table is the ultimate way to experience The Great Masked Ball.  Warning: only for the unashamedly decadent and discerningly debauched.

You will experience everything that our VIP guests do. However, instead of a group feast, you will experience a luxury 4-course fine dining menu and curated fine wine list.

Set at your own table, you will be served individually-plated, gastronomically stunning fairytale dishes. Each will be inspired by Russian ingredients, landscapes and legends.

Before and after this, you will experience everything a VIP member would. Priority seating, a witching hour cocktail, unique characters and more.

PLEASE NOTE: This Michelin star-worthy menu will not be available in any public restaurant after The Great Masked Ball has closed. Tickets are highly limited and should be booked now to avoid disappointment.

I have mobility requirements! What should I do?

The Great Masked Ball involves uneven floors and narrow passageways. Due to the design of our domaine, we are unable to change this.

Anyone who has mobility difficulties should contact us before booking. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate everyone.

Our apologies for this. However, we look forward to speaking by phone or email and finding the best possible solution!

You can email us at thepalace@greatmaskedball.com or call on 02071297365


Drinking and dining

What's included in the banquet?

Prince Siegfried’s Banquet centres on a mouthwatering smoked beef stroganoff, laden with pickled roots, steaming platters of buckwheat pilaf and black bread, still warm from the Palace kitchens. There will be equally delicious options for vegetarians and our delicious Zefir cakes, a sweet surprise from beyond the Great Steppes, to finish.

You will be able to wash the bounty down with a complimentary aperitif (given a little vodka kick by our friends at Vestel Vodka just for the occasion). However, a most debauched menu of fairytale cocktails will also be available, with elixirs ranging from enticing lust to royal excess, alongside a host of other fine wines, vodkas and beers.

To keep the highest gastronomic standards we must strictly limit the number of seats at our feast. So we warn you – to guarantee your place at our table, book well in advance.

Are drinks available to buy?

Yes – a deliciously dangerous fairytale cocktail menu is available, offering philtres from the magic forest and elixirs brewed at the stroke of midnight. We also have a range of fine wines from Corney and Barrow, vodkas by Vestal Vodka, craft beers by Fourpure and more at our Palace Bar.

I have dietary requirements! What should I do?

Fear not! You can tell us about dietary requirements during the booking process. If you need to update these, just email us at thepalace@greatmaskedball.com

We do include vegetarian guests in this. As our main feast features beef, vegetarian meals are made to order. So we do need to know if you’ll be requiring an alternative.

We can accommodate most requests 48-hours in advance. Unfortunately, anything asked for on the night cannot be dealt with.

For those with serious allergies, please see our Terms and Conditions. Though we do our best, we cannot guarantee any menu is 100% free of allergens.


How long is the experience and when does it end?

The experience opens at 7pm each night. The final performance element ends at 10pm. After your experience is over, we have a secret bar which remains open until midnight…

We also have a small range of matinee shows, starting at 1pm.

When can I arrive?

The Palace Gates open to all from 7pm for evening performances and 1pm for matinees. Arrive as soon as you can so you can quench your thirst at our Palace bar. A range of sinfully indulgent cocktails, fine wines, artisanal vodka and craft ale are all on offer.

The banquet will begin 30 minutes after the Palace Gates open. We advise arriving well in advance so you can feast upon the plenty in full. Also, the sooner you arrive the fresher the food will be!

PLEASE NOTE: Latecomers cannot travel further than the banqueting hall. Our voyage into the Legend of Swan Lake must depart on time and the complexity of the event means people cannot enter after the experience has started. So please plan ahead accordingly – London transport is not always as punctual as that of our Domaine…

How late can I stay?

For those that make it through their adventure, a secret bar hidden in the depths of the forest awaits. It is open until midnight each night, making it the perfect launch point for a night to truly remember. Share tales of your adventures over special cocktails exclusively available to those who have witnessed Swan Lake’s secrets.

Our Hidden Location & Code of Secrecy

Where are you?

Our location is secret until you book with us. But we can reveal our Palace Gates are just 20 minutes door-to-door from London Bridge station.

As to where you will venture after you join us – that remains a mystery known only to the forest. If the stories are more than mere fairytale, perhaps you will find yourself at the shimmering shores of Swan Lake.

The daring of heart and nimble of mind will surely find out…But for the rest, it will remain a secret forever.

I don’t know where I’m going yet! What should I do?

Our location will be revealed when you book your ticket. If you still can’t find it or lose the instructions, just email us on thepalace@thegreatmaskedball.com or call 02071297365.

Why is it so secret?

We believe The Great Masked Ball is at its most powerful, inspiring best when you enter without preconception or knowledge of what you will discover.

Only then will your heart be open to each new thing you experience. Only then do we have the power to surprise, amaze and move you.

Thus, to ensure you have the most remarkable experience possible, we keep everything a secret. But rest assured, when you book we will begin revealing fragments of our Swan Lake legend to you, bit by bit.

But as we do, please keep the secret with us. It ensures the magic lives on for future generations of travellers.

Can I take photographs?

You may take photos in during the banquet. Wherever you venture after that, we kindly ask that you refrain from all photographic activities.

And please, make sure you don’t tag our secret location on your social network.

But is it for me? And other pressing questions

I don’t listen to orchestral music. Is this still for me?

If you seek wonder, inspiration and adventure then The Great Masked Ball is for you.
If you long to walk in distant lands, see heroes and heroines fall and rise then The Great Masked Ball is for you.
And if you wish to rise along with them, then The Great Masked Ball is most certainly for you. 

Whether you’ve been to an orchestral concert before or not.

The reason we say this is that The Lost Estate doesn’t do ‘concerts’. We fuse music with dance, theatre, art, food and more to tell stories – the greatest ever told. These stories are timeless and universal, inspiring and moving,  written for anyone, not just for those that love a particular genre.

So, in other words, join us. The Legend of Swan Lake has been passed down through the centuries, given new meaning by generation after generation…now this is your chance to be part of it.

I love orchestral concerts. Will I like this? How is this different from normal?

At The Great Masked Ball, you’ll experience the same exceptional standards and respect for Tchaikovsky’s score that you’d get at a major UK orchestra’s concert. We can say this because many of our musicians hold positions in those major orchestras.

In other words, you will experience everything you love about orchestral performance – just a lot more besides. You’ll get to see the country’s best musicians and experience a true masterpiece in a completely new way.

The experience will make you hear, see and feel more than you have before. It’ll connect you more deeply with the musicians – so much so that you’ll feel like one of them. And after you’ve seen, tasted and touched the music as well as heard it, we hope you’ll walk away with a deeper connection to it that lasts forever.

We’ve had plenty of ‘die hard’ orchestral music lovers at our events. And they’ve all come out saying they heard their favourite pieces in a completely new way. So we hope you’ll join them, take a chance on us, and, just maybe, experience orchestral music as you never have before.

Will there be flashing strobe lights?

Yes, please notify us in advance if any member of your group has photo-sensitive epilepsy. You can do so by contacting thepalace@greatmaskedball.com